Midori Baillie-Matsumura, New Zealand

permaculture new student and learning

I wish I knew this five years ago! I spent so much energy, money and time on my garden until I learnt about sustainable farming from Dan. I am now very peaceful with the land we have got and am able to produce safe and healthy food for my family. It is so fulfilling for my soul to know that what I am doing is good for the earth too.

Josh Stobart, UK

Josh permaculture volunteer

On my path to practicing Permaculture, my time with Dan and his partner Nina stands out for providing a strong foundation, giving me the tools and knowledge to seek deeper understanding.

Viv Davy, Opunake New Zealand

Dan has a wonderful way of carefully assessing the site and the expectations of a garden and helping to optimise what can be achieved. His body of knowledge is extensive and his manner of presenting it is easy and responsive.

Ann-Gaëlle, New Zealand

Dan’s in-depth knowledge and passion for permaculture are contagious. The course is really appropriate in these changing times and will give you a head start in the science of growing your own veggies. The down to earth content and tips are a great way to get started in Permaculture.

Mike Vaystub, New York USA

Permaculture student

“I volunteered and learned about Permaculture for three weeks. Dan was full of info, happy to teach and very creative with his ideas. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Jan-Philipp Kemmer, Freiburg Germany

Permaculture student

“I had my first proper permaculture experience with Dan. I was amazed to learn with and from him and he inspired me a lot. He introduced me to much more than only growing food, but a whole way of life along with the Permaculture philosophy. I can highly recommend meeting Dan in person or online and to enjoy his great qualities in opening up the knowledge and intuition that might already be inside you, but not accessible before.”

Aimée LeBlanc-Poulin, Canada

Coming from an organised gardening background, I learnt that following Permaculture design created less work. When everything flows together, it is no longer work but just a beautiful system.”

Amy Singh, Northwich England

Permaculture student

“Generous with his time and knowledge, he made permaculture accessible for me (I had never previously encountered Permaculture, and had a rudimentary understanding of land use and cultivating crops) and inspired an interest and keenness to grow my knowledge and application of this way of living since the experience. I highly recommend undertaking a course with this wonderful teacher.”

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