Online Permaculture Courses

We offer a highly practical 6 week online course.

Understand your land from a Permaculture perspective, and then go on to create your own sustainable vegetable garden with our course leading you step by step.

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Our journey to course creation

We are Nomadic Permaculture. We started our travels as a family in search of sustainable lifestyle practices, environmental innovations and community. Our travels led us to over 20 projects in 6 different countries over a number of years. We started our journey as apprentices, and at some point along the way we realised that we had become the teachers, helping our hosts through many of the same difficulties that we kept seeing time and again at each site. In a response to the knowledge gap and challenges faced by our hosts, we began to create step-by-step lessons for Permaculture best practices and have condensed it into our first online course -Grow your own Sustainable Vegetable Gardens – The Permaculture Way.

Consulting and design

We have been practicing Permaculture for nine years working as consultants, designers and installers of Permaculture systems and have also spent four years managing a Permaculture project based in New Zealand. We are currently based in Auckland and are offering our services in Permaculture design, consult and project coaching. Get in touch with us if you need help getting your site or project off the ground. Whether it is a small-scale family project or a larger community project, we can arrange support that works for you and saves you mistakes, time and money. We can offer online consults, or site consults in the Auckland region.


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Use coupon code GROWGROW today and enroll for FREE! This offer ends on 17/10/21