Our community of friends and fellow permaculturists has grown organically from our travels through our home country South Africa, South America and New Zealand. Below are the places we worked and students Dan mentored. This what some have to say!

Viv Davy – Opunake, New Zealand

“I have had the great privilege of working with Danny in my start-up permaculture garden. I gleaned all kinds of really useful practical information from him in working discussions. Danny has a wonderful way of carefully assessing the site and the expectations of a garden and helping to optimise what can be achieved. He has many useful ideas for simple garden operation such as economical ways of installing watering systems that reclaimed water. At the other end of the process Danny has very good mapping and display skills that meant he produced a very useful current state map and possible plan map, which we refer to often. Danny’s body of knowledge is very extensive and his manner of presenting it is easy and responsive.”

We spent a week working at Viv’s cultivating Permaculture systems.

Pumula Surf Camp

“Ya veggies! Thanks Dan!!!”

Pumula is our home on the south coast. WE learnt how to grow in a small space and get a massive yield

Chad O’Connor

“What a joy to have a good head on your shoulders”

We gained great experience in tropical climates. Greywater systems.


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